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image-138755-frame ex1.jpg?1418147071140
When I was thinking about having frames made to light the back of my art pieces, the tasks was more difficult than I could have imagined. I was searching for a rechargeable lighting system and also one that could be powered from a standard U.S. outlet. This would giving customers the option for different installations. The idea of lighting the back side of my art pieces was to help enhance the picture being placed in poorly lighted areas.
So many times you see someone buy a picture under optimum lightning, take it home and the picture doesn't look nearly as good than it did on display. After meeting 7 customer framers and some failed attempts, only one was willing to work with me on the design and modifications to create a gallery quality frame.
The back lighting does give the art piece a transparent look when lite, light passes through the colors and images as seen in "Burning Man at Black Rock" and "Circus @ Hollywood and vine" pieces.
image-138739-Hollywood better.jpg?1418147415204