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image-134970-Two States.jpg?1417636106596
Two states is the connecting of California and Nevada. I was born in Hollywood California and spent most of my life there. My wife and I raised our children in Nevada for 10 years before moving back. This piece shows the traveling of California and uses color to show what I see as the States landscape.   Nevada is shown in two colors because I see the State as North and South only. The cave artwork is in representation of the strong Native History of California and my family past history. The bright blue triangle is showing the location where I was born and the red triangle is showing where I am now in the state of California. Medium is Acrylic, oil and glass spheres.
Travel can lead us from place to place and sometimes back and forth from where we started. Many times in life we travel in circles when we don’t have a destination in mind. These Islands are just abstract shapes floating over the globe with the red line showing direction of travel. Medium is Acrylic, oil and glass spheres.
image-134984-Circus  Hollywood  Vine.jpg?1417636836123
Circus @ Hollywood &Vine Being born in Hollywood California is just fun to say. When you are out at night and see the sites, the city is filled with street performers and on lookers; it’s like being at the Circus. The lights, bright colors, and Hollywood Stars keep your interest while reading the names of those you do not know and those that may be your favorites and may have already passed
Fargo Anytime I see a photo depicting Fargo, North Dakota, it always seems to be snowing, freezing and just impossible to see through. The heavy amount of glass beads gives a frosty, icy look to this piece.
image-135013-Burning Man at Black Rock.jpg?1417637395658
Burning Man at Black Rock When I moved to Reno, I learned of this event but have never attended. I have friends that have and it just sounds like a fantasy land of art, colors, free will and lust. Photos I’ve seen just give Burning Man that imagery of a Mad Max Film. I’d be curious if any of you Burners find this piece be indicative of this event in September.
image-135023-Volcanos of Italy.jpg?1417637690009
Volcanos of Italy The topography of Italy is just unique to see. I was just taken by the topography, shapes, land, water and the amount of Volcanoes Italy has. I’ve never been, so if you have; I’m curious to hear if my abstract piece does Italy justice.
 Zen Forest Zen is a journey through the forest. When were alone in the forest nature brings peace to our soul naturally. The trees, sound of flowing water and the wind. Looking closely you can see foot prints in this piece. In the dark the glow in the dark paint shows foot prints at night as though I’m in the forest taking a journey in the dark. Acrylic, oil and glass.
Purgatoruim What if our journey ended the way it started biologically? In the end we travel back through space the way we were created biologically. This journey would provide us with a new life and new body. Medium is Acrylic, oil and glass spheres.
image-135074-Thailand New Year.jpg?1417638886869
Thailand New Year was painted on New Year’s Day this past year. I had a vision of myself traveling through Thailand on New Year’s Day from images I had seen of Thailand. I used glow in the dark paint for the white, representing fireworks over the city. When the painting is in the dark you see just the image of fireworks for about 30 minutes. The green is the lush plant life of Thailand, the pink and yellow is used a lot by locals in making crafts by hand; i.e. fabrics, pottery and art. The black and grey in the background is for the light rain, Thailand is always getting. Medium is Acrylic, oil and glass spheres.